The Lion King/Toy Story is a parody with Toy Story sounds and The Lion King clips and it will come out November 12, 2010 by Kala'sHappy.


  • Young Simba as Woody
  • Adult Simba as Buzz Lightyear
  • Timon as Mr. Potato Head
  • Pumbaa as Hamm
  • Zazu as Slinky Dog
  • Rafiki as Rex
  • Young Nala as Bo Peep
  • Young Kovu as Andy
  • Baby Simba as Molly
  • Nuka as Sid
  • Young Vitani as Hannah
  • Adult Nala as Jessie
  • Zebra as Bullseye
  • Scar as Lots-o Huggin Bear
  • Banzai as Chunk
  • Shenzi as Stretch because they're voiced by Whoopi Goldberg
  • Ed as Twitch
  • Adult Kiara as Barbie
  • Adult Kovu as Ken
  • Ma as Mrs. Potato Head

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