Mr. Conductor Meets The Lion King is a fan ficion movie crossover using clips from Shining Time Station & movie clips from The Lion King Thomas Stories feature two season 3 stories & one season 4 story told by George Carlin & one season 5 story told by Alec Baldwin.


  • This is the very first Shining Time Station/Movie crossover adventure ever!
  • Thomas Stories told by Alec Baldwin & George Carlin.
  • From Britt Allcroft Studios & Walt Disney Pictures.

Thomas Stories

  1. Sir Topham Hatt's Holiday [told by Alec Baldwin]
  2. Oliver Owns Up [told by George Carlin]
  3. Edward, Trevor & the Really Useful Party [told by George Carlin]
  4. Rusty Helps Peter Sam [told by George Carlin]

Guest Stars

  • Schemer


Quote 1:

  • Mr. Conductor [GC]: Say guys, how about a Thomas Story about a garden party?
  • Timon: I guess i could go for a party story.
  • Pumbaa: Yeah i do well at listening to stories.
  • Simba: Not me please i need some thinking [leaves]
  • Timon: Was it something i said?
  • Pumbaa: Well, Mr. Conductor. how 'bout that story?
  • Mr. Conductor [GC]: Sure thing. [blows story whistle]

Quote 2:

  • Schemer: Place your bets right here! for either Scar or Simba to win!
  • Hyena 1: I'll take one for Scar.
  • Schemer: That'll be one nickel.
  • Hyena 1: What's a nickel?
  • Schemer: [mouth wide open]

Quote 3:


Jukebox Band Songs

  • Old Joe Clark
  • Danny Boy
  • Jessie James

Home Video Distributors

  • From Kid Vision & Walt Disney Home Video.

Opening Home Video Trailers

  1. The Green Warning labels
  2. The Kid Vision Home Video logo
  3. The Walt Disney Home Video logo
  4. Coming Soon to Theaters
  5. Mr. Conductor's Adventures of Follow That Bird Home Video Trailer [1998]
  6. Coming Soon to Video & DVD
  7. Shining Time Station DVDs Trailer
  8. The Magic School Bus Home Video Trailer
  9. Stay Tuned After the Feature
  10. Our Feature Presentation
  11. Britt Allcroft Presents
  12. The Walt Disney Logo

Closing Home Video Trailers

  1. Behind the scenes of Mr. Conductor Meets The Lion King
  2. Misty Island Rescue DVD trailer
  3. A Sneek Peek of Mr. Conductor's Adventures of Follow That Bird
  4. Tomy T&F Trailer
  5. Kid Vision logo
  6. Walt Disney Home Video logo


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