Leo: Mickey, Simba and Miles, what should i do.

Mickey Mouse: I know we'll do, We're gonna fake you a death.

Leo: Why.

Miles: Gordon brough me a ninja suit and ninja sword.

Young Simba: my dad brough me a nazi suit, toy gun and balls.

Mickey Mouse: Stowolski, Don't forget me, my father brough me a box, pots and pans look like a robot and lazer gun too.

Miles: OK Leo, here come the ninja. (stabbing Leo)

Young Simba: and Nazi came. (shoot at him)

Mickey Mouse: here come evil pots and pans robot (lazer gun shoot at him)

(Mickey, Simba and Miles go to Little Einsteins)

Mickey Mouse: (Smile) OK Guys, I think we did it, We make Leo play dead.

(Mickey knocks the door Annie open the door)

Annie: Who's knocking the door, Yes, Mickey Simba and Miles, What do you guys want.

(Mickey Simba and Miles felt sad)

Mickey Mouse: Annie, Can we come in there umm there's an accident.

(Mickey Simba and Miles come in Leo's House)

Mickey Mouse: OK, Guys, Is not gonna be easy this video tape is gonna to see.

(Mickey Mouse put video tape in the vhs cassette use remote control turn the TV on.)

Mickey Mouse (Narrator): One day, Here's Leo going to the park i was wonder and then a ninja shows up and a nazi cames and a evil pots and pans robot (Mickey Mouse kill Leo with a toy laser gun) DESTORY DESTORY, I'm imagine you will like (Mickey runs), OH NO Stowolski's Dead oh wait we might save it oh no (A toy Jurassic Park dinosaur eat him),  dah dah dah dahdahdah hehehehehehehe.

(Mickey Mouse turn the TV off)

Mickey Mouse: We are so so sorry for you loss.

Annie (Angrily): Is this a joke.

Mickey Mouse: I Wish it for, Annie. I Wish it were a joke. But these things happen, You Know? You go for a walk in the park one day and Sesame Street black human ninjas and nazis and evil pots and pans robot shows up to kill you and dinosaurs shows up to eat the remains. You've seen in news.

Annie (Angrily): You're not fooling anyone

(Mickey Mouse between with Simba and Miles)

Mickey Mouse: All right, Fellows, Plan B.

Miles: Plan B, Stowolski.

(Leo comes home)

Leo: Hi Annie, I'm Home. (pained yelling) Heart attack

(Leo fell on the floor and died)

Annie: (Groaning) (gasps) Leo! Big Brother! Is he all right

(Miles lift his arm)

Miles: No. He's Dead. I Can tell. I'm a cop.

Annie: Oh, my God. Are you sure?

Mickey Mouse: You Know What'll prove it? When people died, they void their bowels. I said when people, died they void their bowels.

(Mickey Simba and Miles laughing) All: Oh, my God.

Mickey Mouse: What A Jackass!

(in Graveyard Leo's Funeral)

Miles: You sure Leo's okay in there? 

Mickey Mouse: No Problem. He's got half an hour of oxygen. We'll sneak back later and dig him up.

(Big Jet came to the graveyard)

Big Jet: Sorry I'm Late, I had a meeting over at NBC about joey.

Mickey Mouse: Big Jet? What are you doing here? Nobody's dying today.

Big Jet: Not according to my paperwork. Says here your buddy Stowolski died of the heart attack, I gonna tell you, I really thought it'd be rectal trauma.

Mickey Mouse: Whoa, Whoa Whoa. Benson, What the hell you doing?

Benson: Well, Mordecai is afraid of zombies, so the city says all caskets must be encased in concrete.

(Mordecai appears)

Mordecai: You'll thank me when no one eats our brains. You'll thank me.

Mickey Mouse (Surprise): Hold It! Stop the Funeral! Leo's not really dead.

(Mickey Mouse get cement off the coffin and open it Leo comes out and he's alive)

Leo: Auhh,

Mordecai: Zombie. (Mordecai screaming and running away)

Annie (shrieking): Leo! (Annie hugs Leo) I thought I'd lost you!

Big Jet: (clears his throat), Sorry, Stowolski, but I still need a body to take back from me, So...

(Annie protect Leo from Big Jet)

Annie (Angrily): No! You better leave my big brother alone Big Blue Airplane.

(Annie grabs Bug Jet's gun, he shot her head, Headless Annie falls on the floor)

Mickey Mouse: it's good to have you back, Leo.

Leo: it's good to be back, Mickey.

(Big Jet carries Annie)

Leo: Hey, Big Jet? Can you leave my little sister here for another four minutes?

Big Jet: OK.

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