Adult Nala: "Oh, Adult Kiara, please, just try to calm down, and tell us what happened."

Adult Kiara: "Well, you know my dog."

Adult Nala: "Yes? the 1 you renamed Mr. Grimy?"

Adult Kiara: "Yeah, well this time he's really gone and done it."

Adult Kiara: "I took the turkey outta the oven, and he's lookin' at it like a pointer, and I thought: 'That's kinda cute', when all of a sudden, he lunged, attacked, ran out the back door with it and tore it to shreds, and now, I don't have a turkey."

Shanti: "Mr. Grimy is a bad dog."

Adult Kiara: "From now on, his new name is Mr. Get the Heck Outta Here."

Adult Kiara: "Oh, what am I gonna do? my son and his mate are coming for dinner."

Adult Nala: "Oh, you know something?"

Adult Kiara: "What?"

Adult Nala: "There's a place in Disney Land that has pre cooked turkeys, and I'm sure they're open for at least another half an hour."

Adult Kiara: "Oh, I can't make it to Disney Land."

Genie: "Well you could if I took you there."

Adult Kiara: "You'd do that for me?"

Genie: "Sure."

Adult Kiara: "Oh, come on, let's go, time's a wastin'!"

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