Simba the lion is a parody of Sonic the Hedgehog but animal style


Adult Simba(From The Lion King) as Sonic the Hedgehog

Young Bambi(From Bambi) as Miles "Tails" Prower

Diego(From Ice Age) as Knuckles the Echidna

Adult Nala(From The Lion King) as Amy Rose

Po the Panda(From Kung Fu Panda) as Big the Cat

Young Kiara(From The Lion King) as Cream the Rabbit

Gia(From Madagascar 3) as Tikal the Echidna

Adult Kovu(From The Lion King 2) as Shadow the Hedgehog

Shira(From Ice Age 4) as Rouge the Bat

Adult Ronno(From Bambi) as E-123 Omega

Balto(From Balto) as Silver the Hedgehog

Jenna(From Balto) as Blaze the Cat

Alex the lion(From Madagascar) as Vector the Cocodrile

Mushu(From Mulan) as Espio the Chamaleon

Patch(From 101 Dalmatians) as Charmy Bee

Adult Kimba(From Kimba the White Lion) as Manic the Hedgehog

Tigress(From Kung Fu Panda) as Sonia the Hedgehog

Kairel(From Noah'sArc) as Sally Acorn

Xiro(From Noah's Acr) as Monkey Khan

Mufasa(From The Lion King) as Jules the Hedgehog

Sarabi(From The Lion King) as Queen Aleena the Hedgehog

Princess Celestia(From My Little Pony) as the Princess Elise III

Young Faline(From Bambi) as Cosmo the Seedrian

Rafiki(From The Lion King) as Pachacamac

Soto(From Ice Age) as Dr Gerald Robotnik

Adult Kiara(From The Lion King 2) as Maria Robotnik

Blu(From Rio) as Chip/Light Gaia

Eden(From Aladdin) as Sharah

Phineas Flynn(From Phineas and Ferb) as Chris

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro(From Phineas and Ferb) as Helen

Aleu(From Balto 2) as Molly

Makunga(From Madagascar 2) as Dr Eggman

Nuka(The lion King) as Metal Sonic

Banzai(From The Lion King) as Snively Robotnik

Shere Khan(From The Jungle Book) as Mephiles the Dark

Zira(From The Lion King 2) as Mama Robotnik

P.J.(From A Goofy Movie) as Robotnik Jr

Genie Jafar(From Aladdin) as Erazor Djin

Scar(The Lion King) as Dark Oak

Galacta Knight(From Kirby Return to Dreamland) as the Black Knight

Adult Vitani(From The Lion King 2) as Merlina

King Behemoth(From Mario Sports Mix) as Dark Gaia

Cerberor(From Hercules) as Iblis

Hydra(From Hercules) as Solaris

The Firebird(From Fantasia 2000) as Time Eater

Dragon Maleficent(From Sleepnig Beauty) as Iron queen

Fosa(From Madagascar) as Scourge the Hedgehog

Nightmare Moon(From My Little Pony) as Fiona Fox

Kludd(From The Legend of the Guardians) as Jet the Hawk

Nyra(From The Legend of the Guardians) as Wave the Swallow

Jatt(From The Legend of the Guardians) as Stormn the Albatross

Young Ronno(From Bambi) as Anti-Tails

Rex(From We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story) as Rotor the Warlus

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