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By RyanCross, 22 December, 2008

Hello, I'm RyanCross (talkcontribs), the adopter of Admin Tools Wiki and the current active bureaucrat of the wiki. Oh, and happy new year. :-)

Welcome to the first issue of The Admin Times. I decided to start this newsletter because I've noticed the community isn't really interacting with eachother. Even if this is a test wiki, the community should be interacting more with eachother and should be together finding new ways to improve the wiki. So I created this newsletter to keep everybody updated of what's going on.

The Admin Times releases an issue every few weeks. Everybody is welcomed to contribute. All questions should go on my talk page or the newsletter's talk page.

Most issues would come with news of what is happening around Admin Tools Wiki and the major news of Central Wikia. Some issues will have surveys, interviews, etc. just so everyone can get to know each other better and get along as a community, no matter how small our community is. Of course, participating is optional, but it is encouraged.

Well, I hope you read today's issue of The Admin Times. We have an ongoing survey in one of our articles also, so be sure to participate! Hopefully, our community can get more involved here at Admin Tools Wiki with the help of our new newsletter.

Thank you for reading The Admin Times.

RyanCross (talk) 13:36, 22 December 2008 (UTC)

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