This page lists testing suggestions and ideas that you can do as a normal editor/administrator. If you don't know where to start or what to do first, the following list can help you choose something interesting to do:

  • Create a test page – Feel free to create any page you would like at Admin Tools Wiki. More information can be found at Help:New page.
  • Test editing in the Sandbox – Feel free to test editing here. The sandbox will be cleared once in a while. Or you can just create a test page and test edit there.
  • Test the admin tools in the admin sandbox – Feel free to do whatever you would like with the admin tools here, whether it's protecting, deleting, etc. Or you can create a test page and test the admin tools on the created page.
  • Use the restricted pages – Administrators can do tests using restricted special pages that cannot be used by regular editors. This page is a list of them and what they do.

Note: Keep in mind our testing policy and revert tests on pages with Category:Pages not to be tested on.

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