This is the symbol of an Admin Tools Wiki bureaucrat. It combines the site's "W" in the logo and tools in the background.

Bureaucrats are Admin Tools Wiki (ATW) users who have the technical ability to grant Bureaucrat, Active Administrator, Testing Administrator, AbuseFilter Editor, ChatModerator, Rollback, and/or bot privileges to other users via Special:UserRights.

They, along with the Active Administrators Group, are the maintainers of this wiki, and help the wiki run smoothly having access to a few more features than do regular users.

Bureaucrats manage and watch Admin Tools Wiki:Requests for rights (shortcut → ATW:RFR), an important place here at ATW. They promote users to Testing Administrators soley via formal requests made at ATW:RFR. For other privileges, users may approach an active Bureaucrat via the latter’s talkpage.

Bureaucrats also monitor and maintain the Noticeboard, making sure that all the posts have been resolved.

Bureaucrats are themselves chosen by the Bureaucrat cadre here at Admin Tools Wiki.

List of Bureaucrats

20:07, June 11, 2018 (UTC)
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