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Admin Tools Wiki (ATW) is a Wikia wiki project used primarily for testing Administrator tools. Though most wikis focus on article writing, ATW's primary goal is to give a safe and free environment where anyone can practise anything, without fear of harming the other wikis. Such access is especially beneficial to persons seeking Administrator privileges on another Wikia wiki, or on a Wikimedia Foundation project, who want to acquaint themselves with the tools beforehand. ATW is also useful for those who have been granted Administrator privileges elsewhere and want a safe place to practise without fear of harming the wiki on which they have become a newly minted Administrator.

Admin Tools Wiki was originally created by Bluegoblin7 on July 15th, 2008. However, though he created ATW, he never actually edited the wiki due to off-wiki commitments. Thus, RyanCross adopted the wiki two months later hoping to develop ATW to where it could perform as intended. He was committed to the principle of ATW: If (would-be) Administrators "test" here, they will acquire the skills to become competent Administrators on other wikis. Bluegoblin7 returned on September 13, 2008, so that he and RyanCross could develop and coordinate ATW together.

A few months later, a new ATW member wanted to request Administrator privileges, but there were no active bureaucrats to consider his/her application. Seeing a void and wanting to keep the project going, Jeff G. stepped up and requested Bureaucrat rights. Granted these rights, he became, for a time, ATW's sole active Bureaucrat.

By 2011, Jempcorp and SpikeToronto realised that the wiki needed more Bureaucrats, and so each requested Bureaucrat rights. They were granted these rights. For some time, Jeff G., Jempcorp, and SpikeToronto were the wiki's active Bureaucrats. Jeff G. and Jempcorp fell into inactivity, and soon SpikeToronto became the wiki's only active bureaucrat for several years, maintaining the wiki throughout. He retired from FANDOM in early 2017, at which point Jeff G. returned, and is now the wiki's only active bureaucrat.

Helpful and useful links

  • Create an account – The first step in contributing as a user. if you want to become an Administrator, you have to edit under an account.
  • Welcome, newcomers! – Our welcome page for newcomers for them to get settled into the wiki and what they can do around the wiki.
  • Contact us – Centralized directory for contacting the person appropriate to your issue.
  • List of Bureaucrats – The local list of Bureaucrats who act as this wiki’s caretakers, maintaining the wiki and ensuring its smooth operation. They are here to help you and the community by providing a safe testing environment.
  • Requests for rights – The main place to ask to become an Administrator! Just follow the procedure and Bureaucrats will review your request. If they think you won't abuse the tools, then they'll make you an Administrator.
  • User help – A place to ask questions to the community for answers or if you need help with something.
  • Noticeboard – A place to report problems that would need other Administrators and Bureaucrats attention.
  • Frequently asked questions – A list of commonly asked questions about Admin Tools Wiki with the answers to them.
  • Policies – Our list of policies that everyone should always follow and NOT abuse. Policies are here to keep the wiki running smoothly with no problems.
  • Testing policy – One of our most important policies on Admin Tools Wiki. It tells you what and what not you can test on. If you follow it, you will have no problems, but if you abuse it, a revoke of your rights and maybe even a block may occur. So it is very important that you read the policy. This is so that we can keep the wiki running smoothly.
  • Pages not to be tested on – A category of pages that lists what pages should NOT be tested on in any way. Very minor tests edits are allowed, but major ones are not. These pages helps Admin Tools Wiki in many ways and could affect the running of the wiki if edited as tests depending on what types if tests are done to them.
  • Recent changes – A great place to see anytime, because you can see what pages other people have been editing, and where you can help and test.
  • Help – A list of "help" pages where users can read and learn more information about various ideas.
  • Please sign in every time you edit – This is so that we can recognise you!

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